What is New for the GreenHose?

What is New for the GreenHose?

Trinity Williams, Staff Writer

Keeping the environment around the community of Presbyterian College healthy and hygienic ensures for a more productive, intact and eco-friendly climate for faculty, staff, current and prospective students. Many students are unaware of the vital impact that such underestimated actions, such as recycling or picking up littered trash, can have on PC as a whole. The mission of the Presbyterian College GreenHose organization is to expand recycling, increase student involvement in the community gardens and to aid students in the education of maintaining an eco-friendly environment. 


Jessica Escobar, the new GreenHose President, shared the updated GreenHose schedule in an interview on Jan. 24, 2020, as she stated, “GreenHose will meet on Tuesdays at 11 am in the dining room of the Greenville Dining Hall (GDH). The meetings for the rest of the semester will be held on Feb. 11, March 17 and April 14, along with an Earth Day event that we are planning for April 22. Details are to come.”  Escobar, a Sophomore Biology major with a minor in Chemistry, explained her reasoning for joining the GreenHose as she deeply cares about maintaining a clean environment in order to sustain and promote healthy lifestyles for the community. 


The GreenHose’s recycling pick-up schedule is as shown: 


As current President of the GreenHose, Escobar expressed her appreciation of the achievements of former President Liza Powers: “Powers has done an amazing job in leading the club and reaching out to students and staff to make this campus more efficient in helping the environment.” Escobar plans to continue the growth initiated by Powers by imparting with staff on campus in order to discover more sustainable plans in establishing PC’s campus as being more environmentally friendly. She also intends to provide a variety of opportunities for students to join the GreenHose in sharing the enthusiasm of recycling and other future projects. 


The GreenHose is the preeminent organization on PC’s campus in repairing the environment by leading in the improvement of the recycling effort, the aid of the PC community garden and providing service opportunities for joining students. The members of the Greenhouse organization are determined to increase the campus involvement through progressive efforts in long-term results from the GreenHose. According to Escobar, “If more people join GreenHose, PC and the community of Clinton will become more invested in bettering the environment.”


More of the GreenHose’s accomplishments are as listed: 

  • Last semester, the GreenHose added recycling bins all across campus to encourage students to participate in the implementation of limiting pollution.
  • This semester, the GreenHose has been more involved in helping the community garden and service days. 
  • According to Escobar, “the GreenHose has been able to involve staff and faculty in the effort to recycle, innately helping to educate them on why it is important.” 


The GreenHose aims to relay the message that recycling is for everyone, affects everyone, and involves everyone. Furthermore, Escobar is available for any interest in joining the organization: j[email protected]