PC to host coronavirus panel discussion


Brittney Atkins, Layout Editor

Calling all students! This week the staff of Presbyterian College are hosting a panel discussion about the Coronavirus that is affecting people across the world. The panel will be held Wednesday, Feb. 19 at 4:30 pm in Neville Kuhne Auditorium.

The panelists will include Dr. David Liu, Dr. Jody Lipford and Dr. Austin Shull. Dr. Liu is a native of China with a PhD in Political Science. He is also the Director of the Confucius Institute.

Dr. Lipford is a Professor of Economics and Business Administration with specialties in public finance, public choice and property rights. 

Dr. Shull is a Professor in the Biology Department and he is the Health Science Advising Chair and the Advisor for Medicine. 

Each Professor is uniquely qualified to aid in the discussion that will be taking place. 

Dr. Stefan Wiecki is the Associate Professor of History. He will be mediating the discussion that takes place Wednesday. 

The panel discussion will have each professor speak for a few minutes about their knowledge of the coronavirus and then will allow students to ask any questions that they may have about where the virus originated, how its spreading, and what implications it may have on our country. 

Don’t forget to come to the panel on Wednesday with questions and be prepared to listen to what the professors and other students have to say!