GreenHose Speaks at City Council


Dr. Justin Brent, Guest Writer

On March 2, PC Student Liza Powers delivered an emphatic message to Clinton City Council at their March monthly meeting: show some love for your recycling center! 

In her capacity as outgoing President of PC’s GreenHose Organization, Powers indicated that the Gary Street facility needs help with respect to maintenance, organization and pickup frequency. 

She pointed out that many of the holding receptacles have trash thrown into them because there are no signs indicating what belongs within (e.g. numbers 1 and 2 plastic). She also indicated the benefits of having the facility staffed, to prevent users from dumping garbage. Finally, she expressed the need for more consistent pickup, so that bins do not overflow. 

In response, Councilmember Megan Walsh said, “Amen!” and volunteered to organize a subcommittee to address problems with the Gary Street Facility. Mayor Bob McLean wondered whether PC students would be willing to help staff the Gary Street facility. 

While no formal plans were established, it is clear that Powers and other members of the GreenHose organization made an important positive impression on City Council. “It felt great to stand in front of the Clinton City Council and … voice my opinions,” said Powers after the meeting. 

“I am looking forward to seeing what comes from the dialogue. Not many people realize how easy it is to express concerns to local government officials, and I encourage more PC students to join in the conversation… or to even start one of their own!”