Greenville Dining Hall Takeout


Student Jenni Tucker loves the GDH Takeout option and gets it frequently.

Jacob Van Etten, Staff Writer

Do you like the take out option at GDH? 

I must say, I love it. GDH Takeout is a great option, especially on the weekends. Being able to grab your food and go anywhere you want on campus is pretty convenient. GHD Takeout makes me feel at home because I can take food into my room and eat whenever I want, doing whatever I want. 

With that being said, I initially thought the idea of GDH Takeout was terrible and didn’t understand why PC would go to such measures to implement it. Was it really just to make sure the dining hall wasn’t full of students every meal? All because of a pandemic? But the more I participate in GDH takeout, the more I hope it stays. 

I love taking GDH meals back to my dorm and watching movies with my roommate. Or, simply going back to my room to eat and talk with my friends before we play a board or card game. If you have an early morning class, grabbing GDH Takeout can save you a lot of time.  Finding ways to save time is very important in college, and with GDH Takeout it’s easy to spare a few minutes by grabbing a quick bite before a class or meeting to take with you on the go. 

What do you think about GDH Takeout? Is it good or bad? Do you agree with me and hope that it stays? 

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