PC Students Give Their Thoughts on the New Springs Student Center


What used to be the old Springs gym is now a space for studying, congregating, and RSO meetings.

Mitchell Mercer, Staff Writer

The Springs Student Center is one of the most popular places where students spent time at Presbyterian College. From studying for a test to meetings with RSO groups, Springs has become one of the most memorable aspects of campus life for students during their time at PC.

Not only do students use Springs for a variety of activities, but the Student Center also has a Moe’s Southwest & Grill, Boar’s Head, P.O.D Market, Starbucks, and Scottsman’s Corner, so students can get PC gear and grab a coffee or burrito in the same trip. There is also a gym and basketball court for students to relieve stress after a stressful week of classes.

From a students perspective, Springs has become even more enjoyable because of the recent updates made to the inside.  

As part of The Promise of PC, the Springs Student Center recently received millions of dollars in renovations to upgrade the student experience. As part of these renovations, additions include adding more seating for students, more space for RSO meetings/events, a fire-place, renovated bathrooms, and new offices for PC personnel and specialized meeting rooms. 

The gym was also moved to both the second and third floors, with the second floor being designed for dumbbell weights and the third floor for machine weights.

PC senior Sarah Smith said that the renovations to Springs really impressed her.

“I really like the renovations in Springs! It looks like a completely different building from what I’ve been used to the past three years. One thing that I really like about the renovations are the new study areas that have been created throughout the first floor, especially the main area where the old gym was. I really like sitting at the tables and getting work done or hanging out with my friends” Smith said.

Smith did say that she misses the old gym, but she still goes to Springs regularly and she is looking forward to exploring more of what the new space has to offer. 

“While I like the new study spaces that the renovations created, I miss the gym being in one central place. However, I visit the new Springs almost every day, but I only get something 3-4 times a week” Smith said.

Colin McCarl, a PC sophomore, said that he loves everything about the recent renovations at Springs.

“I like how the new study area brings more people together. It is a cool vibe I get when I am in there. The new workout area is pretty cool, even though I miss the layout of the old gym. However, I go to the new Springs area almost daily now” McCarl said.

Kennedy Wright, a sophomore, also agreed with McCarl about the recent renovations.

“I absolutely love the renovations in springs. I think it brings a new modern form of comfortability. There are so many new places to hang out and do work. My favorite part of the renovation is the fireplace room. I love all of the unique furniture. I don’t miss anything about the old springs. Since school started, I have gone to springs AT LEAST once a day. Springs is my favorite place, so I make sure I go all the time” Wright said.

Jared Smiling, a junior, also chimed in with his thoughts on the renovations.

“I think the renovations in Springs was a great investment and was much needed as students now have a new place to study, hold events, and converse.  I like how open the new Springs area is and especially how it looks. It makes Springs look homey. I don’t think I miss anything about the old Springs, to be honest. I probably visit the new Springs area four times a week or more. I even hold events there every week. It has also been my spot to eat and study in the mornings” Smiling said.

The students at PC seem to like the new updates made to the Spring Student Center, and they all agree that the school was wise in their investment. With the modern updates, Springs will be a comfortable, spacious place for students to congregate, socialize, and do work for years to come.