Prioritizing Safety at PC


Pie chart of the campus safety violations reported in the 2021 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report.

Will Macaulay, Staff Writer

Do you know the phone number for campus police? Or the app students are recommended to use to stay safe on campus? Who to go to when reporting suspicious activity? If you’re unsure about any of these, you can learn a lot about our campus and how to stay safe and responsible with this year’s Presbyterian College Annual Security and Fire Safety Report, accessible on PC’s website. 

The report also includes crime statistics from the past three years, providing an idea of how secure our campus is and what to prepare for. Students might be concerned to know, for example, that there were two instances of rape, five cases of stalking, and eleven burglaries each year. Additionally, a staggering 111 total alcohol related referrals were made with eight arrests, along with 76 drug-related referrals and twelve arrests. Shockingly, there were also three arrests for weapons violations.

This year’s ASR also offers tips and suggestions to prevent yourself from becoming a statistic. It’s crucial to integrate the easy precautions into your daily routine. For example, with almost all of the burglaries occurring in residential buildings, it’s recommended that each student lock the doors to their dorms or apartments when away from their living space. “Due to the fact that there’s an average of one burglary each month, we advise students to keep their dorms and apartments locked and never let strangers into buildings that require a key card,” Dr. Jack W. Moorman, Interim Director of Safety & Risk Management, said. Car thefts are pretty rare, with only one reported in recent years, but students are nevertheless also advised to keep their cars locked and windows closed.

Every student should know how to respond to crime and suspected crime on campus. The best way to reach campus police is by dialing 864-833-8911. Students can also get help from the RAVE Guardian app. While criminal incidents should always be reported to campus police, suspected criminal activity can be reported to Campus Life. If you have any questions about our campus or who to contact, you can always receive this information from your RA or PC’s website.