Video: New York Times’ Ezra Klein Visits PC to Discuss Polarization in Politics


The New York Times’ Ezra Klein. ©Mitchell Mercer

Mitchell Mercer, Editor-in-Chief

Presbyterian College has hosted a number of famous speakers as part of its Sam Waters Lecture series, but its most recent is very recognizable from the political-media landscape.

Ezra Klein, a political columnist for The New York Times, came to Edmunds Hall on Tuesday, April 20th to discuss the issue of polarization, something that has impacted American politics, as well as the American public, for multiple decades. He also explained his resolutions that he believed could solve some of the main issues that the government has been facing for some time. 

In addition to his work, Klein founded the news website Vox, is the host of his award winning podcast “The Ezra Klein Show,” and has appeared on numerous media outlets, including MSNBC, to discuss events happening in Washington.

The BlueStocking and its media partner, BlueTube, made a video recapping the events of Klein’s lecture. You can watch it right above as well on BlueTube’s channel on YouTube.