Tired of Eating on Campus? Check Out these Places Around Clinton


Mitchell Mercer

Downtown Clinton.

Mitchell Mercer, Editor-in-Chief

Presbyterian College has two convenient places on campus for students to get their daily meals from: Greenville Dining Hall and Springs Student Center.

The former offers a variety of meal options each day for students to explore such as pizza, salads, desserts, freshly-made entrees, and much more. As for the latter, students on campus can explore a national brand look, with Starbucks and Boar’s Head having locations at the center.

Sometimes, though, even with meal plans, students can get a little burned out with the same food every day.

Luckily, there are several hidden treasures across the city of Clinton that students can get delicious meals from.

If you’re one of those looking for a new place to try out, here are some of the most notable restaurants near campus that can bring a strong, quality meal to your mouth!

Senor Garcia Mexican Restaurant

Off Jacobs Highway and next to Robertson’s Ace Hardware store, Senor Garcia has long been acclaimed to be one of many students’ favorite restaurants in Clinton, and oftentimes, many Greek life and student organizations will have meals at the restaurant.

Senor Garcia is known for its variety of Mexican food, and students can choose from an assortment of menu items to try and come back many times for. Some of the most well-known food at the restaurant includes the Burrito Calsoneto and the Enchiladas Supremos.

Students over 21 can also get a delicious margarita from the bar that will go nicely alongside their meal!

Japan Japanese & Chinese Diner

Recognized by numerous media outlets as being one of the best restaurants in Laurens County for the past couple of years, Japan Japanese & Chinese Diner offers a wide selection of Chinese and Japanese meal options to students.

Located on South Broad Street, the restaurant has a menu that will leave customers craving for more. From Hibachi Steak to Sesame Chicken, no one will miss out on getting a delicious meal to their mouth no matter what they are in the mood for!

Additionally, students can order sushi from the restaurant’s sushi bar to go along with their order.

House of Pizza

Students who are in the mood for pizza can check out a building full of it at the House of Pizza in downtown Clinton.

Made from scratch daily, the restaurant offers a number of popular pizza options that students can order in addition to the staple cheese and pepperoni pizza such as BBQ chicken, Hawaiian, and Vegetarian.

Besides pizza, students can try their hand at different menu items including chicken wings, subs, sandwiches, pasta, salads, appetizers, and more.

Blue Ocean Seafood Restaurant

While a little high in cost, the Blue Ocean Seafood Restaurant, located off the intersection of I-26 and SC-56, offers high quality, fresh seafood for students craving it.

Not only can customers enjoy the fried fish, but they can also enjoy the unique experience of the various menu items and an inside waterfall while they eat!

With a nice, clean atmosphere, the Blue Ocean is considered to be one of the best restaurants in the area for students looking to eat on a special occasion of theirs.

Big Boys Country Cooking of Clinton

A buffet-style restaurant, Big Boys Country Cooking of Clinton, known for its fried chicken and wide variety of dishes, is the place to be for students wanting a delicious but big meal for themselves.

Customers can expect not only to experience a tasty meal, but also to have the opportunity to go back and get more food if needed.

With these strong traits, Big Boys Country Cooking is sure to provide students with many food items to choose from after a long day of classes and assignments!