Beautiful and Bombshelled: A Review of Netflix’s Blonde


Design created by Madison Crumpton.

Madison Crumpton, Staff Writer

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most famous figures in Hollywood history and audiences recently got to see both the good and bad from her career.

Netflix’s Blonde premiered on September 28th and features a unique, biopic take on Marilyn Monroe’s life and her story as a sex symbol through a psychological drama. The film is also an adaptation of a novel under the same name by Joyce Carol Oates. 

Directed by Andrew Dominik and produced by Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment, actress Ana de Armas (Knives Out, No Time to Die, War Dogs) stars as the titular character with Adrien Brody (King Kong, Midnight in Paris, The Pianist), Bobby Cannavale (Mr. Robot, Third Watch, Vinyl), and Julianne Nicholson (Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Mare of Easttown, Masters of Sex) appearing in supporting roles. 

In the film, Marilyn Monroe, better known as Norma Jeane Mortenson, is seen as the on-screen sensation, but in reality, struggles with mood disorders and addiction in her own personal life. Her career was made public as people were fascinated by her love life and how she overcame the struggles of her adolescence. 

Blonde is meant to portray the life of fame for Monroe, as fans and enthusiasts have been thrilled for the long-awaited attraction that takes a look at how her career ended in tragedy.

But that’s not the only attention that the film has received.  

The Motion Picture Association (MPA) rated the movie an NC-17, which is the highest rating the organization can give to a film, due to “some sexual content” throughout. The rating also suggests that people 17 and under should not view the film.

And the rating was right on cue. 

Blonde features several scenes with sexual violence and domestic abuse during its 166-minute timeframe. Within them, these scenes feature graphic and horrifying imagery revolving around Monroe, which could upset and shock viewers.

However, despite these circumstances, the film does a very good job in capturing the true aspects of Monroe’s life, both the good and the bad. Dominik and Pitt should receive a ton of credit for creating a fascinating film despite some tough circumstances.

I also expect the film to do really good at next year’s Academy Awards with Armas producing a very strong performance as Monroe. The supporting cast as well as the film’s cinematography also stands out when watching.

For people who are interested in the lives of famous people and both the up and downs of their careers, I would highly recommend watching Blonde whenever you gear up for your next Netflix binge-watching session. 

It’s one of those films that will leave you speechless on how good of a job the filmmakers do in telling Monroe’s life and it feels like you are moving alongside her journey during the next two hours and 46 minutes.

However, be prepared for the unexpected as the film’s NC-17 rating does live up to its expectations. This is certainly a movie I would not recommend for the family or for people who are sensitive to certain graphic situations. 

Nevertheless, with the good and the bad, it’s a film with beauty and stunning elements on Monroe’s life.