On to the Pros: Former Blue Hose Basketball Player Jade Compton Experiences Opportunities to Play Overseas


Jade Compton. ©Jeff Sochko/Tim Cowie Photography/PC Athletics

Houston Jones, Guest Writer

Forward Jade Compton is one of the most decorated players in the history of the Presbyterian College Blue Hose women’s basketball program. After transferring in from the junior college ranks in 2019, Compton started in 75 of 80 games for PC and scored 972 total points over a course of three seasons.

With these efforts, Compton was able to secure a major goal that many of her fellow basketball peers dream of having.

In July, Compton signed a professional contract to play overseas for the Leicester Riders, a franchise located in Leicester, England that is a part of the British Basketball League. Compton’s impact was immediately felt on the Riders, including one game in which she put up 17 points, four assists, and five rebounds. 

Currently, the former Blue Hose is now playing with the basketball club AS Soleuvre Belvaux, located in the country of Luxembourg.

“It’s really about having a mindset and determination to be successful,” Compton said regarding the professional game. “It’s also about staying up to the task and taking everything step by step.”

For professional basketball players around the world, many like Compton have learned to adapt and ensure a right mindset. This mentality has played a huge role in the confidence a player has in their ability to make plays on the court and also the grind they have to partake in their player development. 

For Blue Hose coach Alaura Sharp, she saw this mindset within Compton early on.

The coach noticed her while she was playing at Hill College, a junior college located in Texas. After being impressed with her work ethic, Sharp offered her a spot on the team.

Soon after, Compton’s contributions were felt over the next three seasons, both in games and practices.

“She goes hard at every rep, every drill, and every day,” Sharp said.

Additionally, the opportunities with both the Riders and AS Soleuvre Belvaux also showed various differences between the college and professional game.

“I was more about being a team player in college and in the pros, the principles of sharing the basketball all go away,” Compton said. “Professional basketball is all about business which is a huge difference from college.”

Furthermore, for many professional organizations and leagues across the world, clubs expect their players to treat their opportunity as a job. If they fail to meet that expectation or hold up to certain standards, then players can be cut or traded at various times. 

You are expected to get yours. If you are a pro, there is an expectation that you have to maintain,” Compton said.

With Compton’s journey, the impacts can still be felt throughout the Blue Hose women’s basketball program, both with her positive mindset and work ethic she brought to the court each and every day.

In addition, through the recruiting process and player development standpoints, Sharp knows that Compton’s story will loom large over the program when it comes to bringing players to PC and trying to find those who can carry the same momentum to the table.

“She really showed us what someone who has high goals can accomplish, ” Sharp said. “Jade’s success story is a great example to say, this could be you as a recruit.”