A Mysterious Absence: Why No Students Are Living in Clinton Hall

Hannah Parker Johnson, Guest Writer

For the past several years, Clinton Hall at Presbyterian College has been one of the locations on campus where first-year male students live at. The four-floor building features suite-style dorms and a bathroom connecting two rooms on the first three floors, while the fourth floor has multiple rooms and one shared bathroom.

Additionally, compared to other residence halls that PC has to offer, Clinton Hall also provides attached desks near the front of the window in each room for first-year males to utilize alongside both common and laundry rooms.

Since the beginning of the school year however, no one has been able to take advantage of what Clinton has to offer.

The residence hall has been under study by school officials for the past several months to determine whether or not renovations are necessary to the building. Funding options are also being explored to decide if a project could be possible.

Furthermore, with other options available on campus with additional housing such as the Carol International House, the school ultimately determined that Clinton Hall would not be needed to help support PC throughout the school year.

“Clinton Hall has been taken offline because it was not needed to support this year’s enrollment. Because there is no one living in the building, taking it offline makes more efficient use of the college’s resources and facilities,” Boone Kirkpatrick, PC’s Director of Residence Life, said.

For students on campus, some hope for the better when it comes to the overall condition of Clinton Hall.

“It’s probably the worst place on campus to live,” an anonymous student said. “Maintenance was constantly needed, things were always broken, and everything needed to be fixed daily.”

Another student pointed to the building’s constant fire drills and mold that made his experience miserable.

“The fire alarm was consistently going off, which caused the students to evacuate every time it went off,” the student said. “Students were also getting sick from the mold in the dorm.”

Although Clinton Hall is not being renovated at this time, the building is still being looked at by school officials for possible renovations in the near future.