Gallery: PC’s Holi Festival-March 8th


Simmie Chhatwal

A group of students gather for a picture.

Simmie Chhatwal, Staff Photographer

Holi Festival is one of the most popular events across the planet and at Presbyterian College, the annual tradition was recently celebrated across campus.

On March 8th, PC’s Student Activities Board hosted the college’s own Holi Festival, with color powder and tie dye activates taking place. Known by many names such as the “Festival of Color” and the “Festival of Spring,” the Holi Festival celebrates the arrival of Spring and the end of winter in India. It is also one of the most significant events that followers of Hinduism acknowledge during this time of year.

Most importantly, the Holi Festival allows everyone to unite together and wish success for each others’ lives as various color powders are tossed. It is a very vibrant and positive holiday that brings families and friends together.

Here are some photos from PC’s Holi Festival down below.