Gallery: Big Man on Campus-April 5th



The three Big Man winners, Rafael Guerra, Gabe Butler, and Malcolm Wiley.

Simmie Chhatwal, Staff Photographer

The beginning of April marked one of the most popular events hosted by Presbyterian College each year.

Big Man on Campus, hosted by the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, took place on April 5th where several men across campus competed for the coveted Big Man on Campus crown. The contest is an annual philanthropy event to help raise money for breast cancer awareness and education.

The event is designed as a male pageant where each PC student organization and athletic team can nominate one male student to compete in the competition. Additionally, each contestant was judged based on how they answered questions as well as their performance during the talent composition.

Ralph Guerra was the 2023 Big Man on Campus recipient. Gabe Butler was honored with the “Most Talented” award and Malcolm Wiley was recognized with the “Philanthropy” award.