Start of the New Year in Greek Life!

Start of the New Year in Greek Life!

This fall semester has gotten off with a boom in the world of Greek Life here at PC.  Every Fraternity has hit the ground running trying to show their values and reel in as many great freshmen guys as they can. The first weekend at PC was a blast; bands at both the Sigma Nu Beach Party and KA gave a good taste of college fun.  This past weekend, Alpha Sigma Phi, Pike, and  Sigma Nu all had parties on Saturday night. Between Alpha Sig’s “GI Joes and Barbie Hoes”, Pike’s Traditional Toga Party, and Sigma Nu’s Rage, there was plenty of fun to go around out at Fraternity Court. Each Fraternity is trying their hardest to impress the freshmen that may choose to rush this fall. Luckily, even more parties will be coming up this weekend! Sigma Nu is holding their traditional 70’s Party this Saturday at the Sigma Nu house. It will be a good chance for Freshmen guys to get to know the brothers and meet some of the Alumni. Everyone should keep a lookout around campus for the upcoming Fraternity events. Parties are spread by Facebook and word of mouth across campus, so it’s easy to get into the loop!

Toga party was a success! The Pike (Pi Kappa Alpha) House was completely packed Saturday night with all of the Animal House inspired Togas. Students all put on their best togas (or put together what bed sheets they had) and went out to the houses to have a great time! While this was going on, people were Raging at the Sigma Nu house where DJ LT and DJ United came from Mt. Pleasant to put on some great music. Over at the Alpha Sig house, the brothers all got out their Military Apparel and the girls put on their cutest flirty outfits to match up for their G.I. Joes and Barbie Hoes party.  The turnout was great! Every house at Fraternity court turned out a big crowed to introduce the new class of 2015!

Not only are the Fraternities rounding up some fun, but the Sorority parties are also in full swing. Tri Sigma had their All Stars party this weekend.  Everyone dressed up as their favorite sports team from Clinton YMCA baseball to a Jamaican Bobsledding team in a shopping cart bobsled. Alpha Delta Pi had their Mallard Ball where everyone wore their hunting clothes sporting Camo and Orange!

These parties keep us all sane with our heavy work loads. Almost every weekend there is some function going on with Greek Life! Either a party is being thrown or just a general hangout with the brothers. Come out every weekend and join in on the house hopping fun and meet as many people as you can!

Rush will start in October. Until then, enjoy the hospitality that the Fraternities demonstrate here at PC. Every weekend is a great weekend at Fraternity Court!