New student radio station to begin broadcasts soon


by Nick Young | Staff Writer

After many rumors and speculations, the PC radio station is close to becoming a reality. WPCX is the new station centered on PC’s campus. It will broadcast from the heart of campus all the way to the interstate both ways, along with online streaming services which will be accessible anywhere. WPCX is scheduled to be up and running by the end of this semester and will consist of students acting as radio personalities, while playing all genres of music.

While there are clearly rules to limit the product that is put out, the personalities and content will be determined by the students who host the segments and the genres of music played will consist of jazz, classic rock, musicals, and just about anything else the student decides to play! For anyone interested in a future in communications, media, or simply in a creative outlet that allows you to feel heard, WPCX is the station for you.

There will be an interest meeting soon about WPCX that will explain some of the details about what it is and what the purpose of the radio station is. Be sure to check your email for updates on the date and location of this meeting. If anyone has any questions about the radio station, students can contact Doug Wallace at [email protected], Jerius Duncan at [email protected], or Zoe Montague at [email protected].