Shaggin’ Into a New Year

Shaggin Into a New Year

Allison K., Staff Writer

With Freshmen Orientation brings the ageless PC tradition of Shuckin’ and Shaggin’, the annual event marking the beginning of a new school year that combines the southern comfort of classic beach music and the enjoyable atmosphere of an oyster roast.

Saturday night, August 20th, the Student Union Board sponsored this free social event from 8-11pm which brought together new freshmen and transfers learning the customs of PC, upperclassmen returning from summer break to one of the traditions that makes PC home, and faculty and staff given the opportunity to form relationships with students outside the classroom.  This was also the second year pharmacy students from the Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy were invited to join the undergraduates in a display of community that epitomizes the spirit of PC.

Students and faculty, dressed in PC’s own signature “snappy casual” style, were given the opportunity to catch up with friends in the last weekend before classes start and also dance to the live beach music played by the band FANTASY.  The early evening shower that threatened to end the event at New Bailey stadium could not dampen the spirits of the PC community as one of the largest turnouts in recent years for this event came out to enjoy the first weekend back on the PC campus.

Shuckin’ and Shaggin’ was not only a great finale to a busy Orientation for freshmen but was also only the beginning of a journey for freshmen that all Blue Hose can agree will be the best four years of their lives.

When asked about the event, SUB faculty advisor Heather Rush said, “Every year since its inception, Shuckin’ and Shaggin’ is an event that is highly anticipated [and] more of a ‘PC Welcome Back’ party than only an orientation event. The Student Union Board plans the event every year and every year they outdo themselves.  It keeps getting better and better.”

Student Union Board (SUB) is a student-run organization that sponsors free entertainment and activities for students on campus.  Past PC events include Spring Fling, Vegas Night, outdoor and indoor movie nights, and Homecoming activities.  Stay tuned for more information on upcoming SUB events, including a movie night later this month and Vegas Night which will take place in November, and other free events for all PC students sponsored by SUB on campus.

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