Dr. Campbell Invites Close Personal Friend Marshall Mathers to Deliver Commencement Address

Growing up together on the mean streets of Detroit, our own Roy Campbell and the one and only Marshall Mathers became intimate friends. With the same taste in music, women, and recreational activities, how could these two NOT become besties?

Although they’ve both moved on to fortune and fame, Mathers making the big bucks in Los Angeles and Campbell making the medium bucks here in Clinton, they continue to share traits of friendship as both work hard every day to inspire young hearts across the globe.

You may be asking yourself “Who is this Marshall Mathers and why should I care?” … Well, mere mortal, you may know him, as many of his lesser acquaintances do, as rapper Eminem or as Slim Shady, Mathers’ alter ego.

Although they may have lived different lives since escaping the destitute of Detroit, both Mathers and Campbell make an effort to talk each night and enjoy meeting up every couple of months for joint family vacations. Campbell’s kids just adore the variety of Mathers’ ankle-biters.

It’s such a joy that Dr. Campbell is using his connections to bring a truly inspiring musician and friend to speak at this year’s graduation!



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