Neville Faculty Take It On


April Fools

Decked out in blue jeans, work boots, hard hats and sledge hammers, Neville Faculty marched up the front steps this weekend ready to kick some serious Neville butt. Said one of the liberal-arts posse (who asked to remain nameless), “We are personally committed to raise the torch on this thing!”

Although President Lilly has made Neville Hall the top renovation priority, faculty have decided that they simply cannot wait any longer: “We’ve taken on General Education reform, we’ve takenon PC 2012, we’ve taken on Academic Master Plans… with these in our rear-view mirrors, what’s a teensy little building renovation?” shouted the posse’s leader to a chorus of Yeahs and Woot Woots.

“And after that, we’re taking out HP!”


“And Lassiter”


When a Bluestocking staffer asked where Doyle was in their plans, the shouting suddenly ceased…

“How DARE you!”


“There are ecosystems in there!!!”

Faculty hope to have renovations completed by summer break.