Stadium Lights


Big changes are coming to Presbyterian College’s campus! As part of the Facilities Master Plan established to designate the goals and focus of renovations and improvements across campus over the next several years, big renovations are expected to happen to Neville Hall and Springs, a new upperclassman dorm is to be built, and Bailey Stadium is to have lights installed that cannot be turned on to complement the scoreboard that cannot be turned off.

“We haven’t really decided what the problem will be yet,” said Wilson Jones, Assistant Project Manager at Brailsford & Dunlavey, the company responsible for helping to create the long-term plan. “Maybe it will be a wiring issue, or maybe we just won’t install the light bulbs. We just aren’t sure.”

“One thing is for certain though: we have no intention of making them turn on,” he added.

As it is currently, the PC football team is only capable of playing home games during the day. The addition of these lights that do not turn on would not change that in the slightest, but they would make us look more like a Division 1 school.

“When you look at any other D1 team, what do you see?” asks Harold Nichols, head coach of the PC football team. “I’ll tell you what I see, and it’s not a winning team, a positive record, or a conference win. No, what I see are a scoreboard that cannot be turned off, and lights that cannot be turned on. These are what make a D1 team.”

With their installation date as “sometime within the next 24-48 hours or years”, as is usual with any sort of installation, maintenance, or change on PC’s campus, students and athletes have something to look forward to for a long time ahead.