Saturday Alarm Replaced with Dubstep

April Fools, Staff Writer

You know the Tornado alarm that sounds every Saturday morning at noon? Well, safety officials are afraid students have become too accustom to the sound.

After meeting with PC’s Board of Trustees, officials have decided to change the sound of the alarm to Dubstep.

“It’s hip and annoying, two things which are needed to alert people about a tornado” say Bill Millip, a Clinton safety official.

Instead of running the standard 3 minutes, the alarm will run for an entire Dupstep song, which usually lasts about 5 or 6 minutes. Each Saturday, there will be a different Dupstep song.  There will be a test run this Saturday.  Depending on the reception, the Clinton tornado alarm may be replaced as well.

One thing’s for sure: waking up on Saturdays will be more fun.